The story of the stud is the story of a meeting between two people passionate about horses, Lucie LAMOTTE and GwenaĂ«l MONNERAYE. England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the USA; the couple have travelled the world to acquire experience and discover a variety of professional methods. On their return to France in 2009, they settled at Autels Saint Bazile, a small village located at the heart of the Pays d’Auge in Normandy, and created LA MOTTERAYE, combining abbreviated versions of both surnames. The stud benefits from an ideal geographic location for breeding thoroughbreds, being in close proximity to top equine professionals in all spheres, veterinarians, farriers, osteopaths, and also to some of France’s leading stud farms.

What progress over a decade! The couple began with a focus upon sales preparation and consignment, on a rented 25-hectare property. Then they began to develop a breeding activity, initially by taking in clients’ broodmares. In 2015, they seized the opportunity to acquire a second, 100-hectare, site in the nearby locality of Renouard, and made their own investments in quality broodmares. The latest acquisition was made in 2017, with 35 additional hectares in the locality of La Chapelle Haute Grue. Around 50 broodmares are based on the site throughout the year. On the consignment side, the team prepare around thirty yearlings for Arqana’s August and October sales, and around sixty horses for the breeding stock sale (foals, fillies and mares out of training and broodmares).

LA MOTTERAYE is composed of two separate sites dedicated to consignment and breeding.

The main stud is situated at Autels Saint Bazile and is focused upon foaling during the breeding season and yearling preparation from June onwards.

The site is equipped with a barn of 8 foaling boxes with cameras, 30 stables, an 8-horse walker with a 16m lunge-ring at its centre, and a second 16.5m lunging ring.

Another advantage of this site is the availability of 20 individual paddocks, newly constructed and safely fenced with three wooden rails for yearlings. Youngsters can therefore benefit from turnout time up until the moment of the sales.

The second stud, covering almost 100 hectares and situated in the commune of Renouard, is devoted to breeding activity.

Gwenaël MONNERAYE et Lucie LAMOTTE have conceived and constructed an extremely practical 1300m² barn, with capacity for 34 horses. This barn is light and airy, thanks to a high roof.

At LA MOTTERAYE, the aim is to avoid causing any upset or stress to a horse in a stable. For this reason, each of the particularly spacious 4 x 4.5m boxes have hayracks to allow the horses permanent access to forage.

The barn is equipped with a treatment room, wash-down area, inspection stocks, medical storage area and a feed room. A covered fibresand manège allows newborn foals to relax in deepest winter, or to exercise for the first time after surgery. This manège is located inside the barn so horses can be moved directly from the stable to the arena without taking any risks.

Small grass paddocks have been constructed around the barn, for the foals’ first outdoor experiences, and once again to enable horses to exercise whatever the weather, two 1000m² fibresand paddocks with hayracks have also been built. When the time comes, mares and their foals are turned out in larger fields (between 3 and 6 hectares), in groups of 6 who get along well together. All the paddocks are safely fenced with three wooden rails and surrounded by hedges so that horses can shelter in the event of rain or wind. With this in mind, century-old trees have been preserved and bring great charm to the site. An isolation field of 12 hectares completes the facilities.


Quality of grassland is a priority

As the soil is of primary importance for vineyards, grassland is fundamental for the foals’ growth and future racing career. LA MOTTERAYE pays particular attention to the quality of their grazing, and a consultant carries out analyses of the land and grass crops to advise on their upkeep. This is one of the specialities of famer’s son Gwenaël MONNERAYE, who has retained from his childhood a love of good grassland. In addition to these regular analyses, rotational grazing is practiced, and fertilization, harrowing and pasture topping is also carried out as required.


Nutrition and care

LA MOTTERAYE works with REVERDY, for the wide range of their products, the quality of ingredients and also their transformation processes. Their pellets are formed by steam and mechanical energy, without adding molasses. Cereals are grown in France on arable land close to the factory in Normandy. They are guaranteed GMO-free and are transported by the company’s own trucks for added security. The factory is 100% dedicated to horse feed production. The result is feed of high nutritional quality, for all ages and stages of development or activity.

For veterinary care, LA MOTTERAYE uses the clinic at Livet, only 8km from the stud. This equine veterinary centre employs 18 practitioners, at the forefront in gynecology, locomotion and surgery. Emergency cover is ensured round the clock, seven days per week. We also work with Bvet team. Our farrier, Jacky BETTON, is based 6km from the stud.

We also use the services of talented osteopath Pauline DUVAL, a dentiste from Livet, an acupuncturist and a masseur,  to accompany our youngsters through the growing process.

Europe is committed to Normandy

In its development stages, the Motteraye stud farm was able to count on the support of Europe and the Normandy region who participated in the realization and financing of fences, paddocks and the creation of access paths.

LA MOTTERAYE has a dynamic and meticulous team of 12 people during the covering season, increasing to 16 for sales preparation.

Lucie LAMOTTE and GwenaĂ«l MONNERAYE are dedicated to promoting their profession to young people and take on several trainees each year. They carefully select experienced staff, who are passionate about their work and give their all to ensure the best for the horses they care for. Communication, solidarity, patience and rigour are priorities for LA MOTTERAYE.