Each year, LA MOTTERAYE prepares more than 100 horses for public sales. For the yearling auctions, the activity is concentrated upon Arqana’s August and October sales, but some individuals are destined for the Osarus catalogue in September or for Books 1 & 2 at Tattersalls. Mares and foals are prepared for Arqana’s December sale, and also foals for Tattersalls’ Foal Sale in November.

Each horse is unique, so an individual programme is created for each animal to arrive at optimum condition on sales day. Yearlings are turned out in paddocks every day in order to keep them relaxed during the preparation process. They are walked in-hand, exercised on the horse-walker, lunged in the ring and become accustomed to the breaking surcingle. The aim is to progressively bring them closer to the breaking-in process. Each horse is evaluated regularly in order to follow his progress and make any necessary modifications to his programme.

During its first participation at Arqana, LA MOTTERAYE has recorded impressive successes on the track, having presented, ABU SIDRA, futur winner of the Prix de Ris-Orangis (Gr3), and LEAUPARTIE, futur victor of the Prix de Psyché (Gr3) and second in the Prix de la Nonette (Gr2).

Since this incredible start on the Consignment stage, LA MOTTERAYE is regularly ranked in the top vendors rankings, for either yearlings or breeding stock sales. To illustrate this, in 2018 for example, LA MOTTERAYE was responsible for selling a son of Dubawi for 1.4 millions and few months later, a foal for 1 million.

Vente V2 Arqana

Mardi 22 août 2032
Elevé N°Lot Nom Sexe Père Naissance Robe Acheteur Prix Pedigree Photo
342 N22 SHANNDOURA M GOKEN 05/01/2022 B Racheté
358 N22 SURPRISE M GOLDEN HORDE 15/03/2023 B Racheté
394 N22 APRIL FOOLS F GOKEN 26/02/2022 Racheté
401 N22 BLACK FEVER M BATED BREATH 05/02/2022 Al Racheté
402 N22 BONITA QUEEN M HELLO YOUMZAIN 23/02/2022 B Racheté
412 N22 COOL ESPRIT M WOODED 09/04/2022 B Racheté
429 N22 FEE D'ALLURE M GOLDEN HORDE 19/02/2022 B Racheté
437 N22 GALLATIN F ALMANZOR 02/05/2022 B Racheté
441 N22 GOONA CHOPE F HELLO YOUMZAIN 20/03/2022 B Racheté
456 N22 JAMAHEERY F ARIZONA 07/02/2022 Al Racheté
483 N22 MIRRORBLACK M SHALAA 04/03/2023 B Racheté
488 N22 NOUVELLE VAGUE F BELARDO 24/02/2022 B Racheté

Vente d'Aout Arqana

Vendredi 18 aoĂ»t - Dimanche 20 aoĂ»t 
Elevé N°Lot Nom Sexe Père Naissance Robe Acheteur Prix Pedigree Photo
1 N22 ONE LAST NIGHT F PINATUBO 27/02/2022 Al Racheté
18 N22 POLYNESIENNE M NIGHT OF THUNDER 28/01/2022 Al Racheté
46 N22 SALAMAH F NO NAY NEVER 07/02/2022 Al Racheté
49 N22 SARAI F ALMANZOR 21/03/2022 B Racheté
63 N22 SHANOOAN F SHAMAN 28/01/2022 Al Racheté
77 N22 SOHO ROSE M SEA THE MOON 31/03/2023 B Racheté
88 N22 SUPER WOMAN F SIYOUNI 26/04/2022 B Racheté
110 N22 VESPERA F BLUE POINT 20/02/2022 B Racheté
146 N22 AYELET M SOTTSASS 20/02/2022 B Racheté
168 N22 CAP VERITE M PERSIAN KING 08/02/2023 B Racheté
172 N22 CHANNEL M KINGMAN 26/03/2023 B Racheté
176 N22 CHILDA F GHAIYYATH 20/02/2022 B Racheté
177 N22 CHILLI SPICE M SAXON WARRIOR 19/03/2022 B Racheté
190 N22 DONNYBROOK F DARK ANGEL 12/01/2022 B Racheté
194 N22 DREAM THE BLUES M WOOTTON BASSETT 07/01/2023 B Racheté
277 N22 LONDON WELSH F SAXON WARRIOR 03/02/2023 B Racheté
290 N22 MAYGOLD M HELLO YOUMZAIN 20/02/2022 B Racheté
302 N22 MONAVA M HELLO YOUMZAIN 16/03/2022 B Racheté
304 N22 MOONLIGHT AND GOLD F BLUE POINT 27/01/2023 B Racheté

Vente de Juillet Arqana 2023

Du 4 au 6 juillet Ă  Deauville
Elevé N°Lot Nom Sexe Père Naissance Robe Acheteur Prix Pedigree Photo
286 ALBINA F. LE HAVRE 09/04/2020 B Racheté
292 BISCAYA BAY J. DANSILI 23/03/2009 B Racheté
313 GAKKU J. PIVOTAL 19/02/2014 Al Racheté