Around 50 broodmares are based at LA MOTTERAYE year-round, and between 30 and 35 foalings take place annually. In order to ensure the best possible supervision of the foalings, we use 24h cameras and magnetic alarms, as well as constant observation by our team. A few mares belonging to breeders from abroad are taken in for the covering season. Their number is purposely limited as LA MOTTERAYE imposes strict quarantine conditions.  

More generally, sanitary security is a daily concern. This is why the entities dedicated to consignment and breeding are separated. Several annexes are available for accommodating new arrivals and a sample is taken from each horse on arrival to test for various contagious diseases which could cause epidemies among the stock. Weaning can be a stressful time for foals and in order to limit the stress as much as possible, the process takes place outdoors in the paddock, and in groups

The number of horses at LA MOTTERAYE is intentionally limited to keep the operation at a manageable size. This enables the team to maintain a trusting relationship with clients, who receive regular updates on their horses.